GradCrit Winter18 W10

“Project #2”

“constellations” & “companions”

Presentation of two of the “constellations”/prints and “companions” web-pages.

I got some good feedback on these…
While I was somewhat disappointed that people would find it so “inconvenient” to type in some bitlyURLs when they text all day it also made sense. [& maybe I wasn’t surprised, at one point I was reminded of the scene from The Doors the movie by Oliver Stone, in which right before Jim Morrison drops out of school he says, “You need your art spoon-fed to you!”] It’s good to know how people are really experiencing it. I like the idea of a landing-page… or launchpad. I will have to start drafting what-all that looks like / means.
Next up will also be completing the other “companions” and then refining/improving them…

I like the idea of maxing-out the size of the prints…as tall as the space will allow. I would also like each of the 9 panels to be the same size…there are two pairs of one horizontal above another, and there is one pair of one horizontal next to another… These will really fill the space in a strong way… there will be a dynamic of larger pieces and smaller pieces… and one that is somewhat panoramic, or landscape, …
I’m really excited to get these printed…

This is one of the ideas of the #Allegorithms duets “adjusted to fit”. These are pairs/duets of images, one the algorithmic outcome of the other. I wan to use them to build up to the exhibition. I might do 2 rounds of these… one for Dateline and then one for Naropa. The duet of images is resized to match the 1:1 default proportions of Instagram, one beneath/atop the other, or side-by-side, and then scaled to square .
This idea of “adjusted to fit” is coming from Louise Lawler‘s recent show at MoMA, “Why Pictures Now?” For this exhibition Lawler digitally resized some of her photographs to fit the size of an entire wall of the museum. Like the “stretch to fit” function of a desktop… I really dug this. So I am applying a similar idea on Instagram. I would really like to use this idea for my next exhibition [which I have been taking notes for… currently titled faux fiction. That’s another subject entirely.]

Thinking about multi-centering the self a lot, thinking about rethinking.


I really like the low quality of these pictures of the prints…
This is like a low-fi preview of (2/5) the show…

Digestive System
Digestive System
Digestive System 1 ~
Digestive System (text) ~


Black HoleBlack Hole
Black Hole 1 ~
Black Hole 2 (text) ~
Black Hole 3 ~





I also made a model of the GreenScreen Wall… figuring out measurements and materials amounts, trying different proportions… the idea continues to be that the height is adjustable…
I look forward to the different dynamics it will have at Naropa versus Dateline…
I have been thinking about the use of the webcam, and its discreet placement…further problematizing this notion of seeing oneself int eh space or not…or who the chroma-keyed imagery is visible/available to.


Models of #Allegorithms at Naropa’s White Cube Gallery:


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