GradCrit Winter18 W9

This week was focused on:
improving the GreenScreen Wall patch,
preparing the 3D models for printing,
and preparing text(s) for #Allegorithms


Developing the text(s) for #Allegorithms becomes important for me as I find myself in positions in which people are asking me about the exhibition more and more. I would like to be able to get out some kind of press release and/or flier, etc. by approximately March 20th, or in the next two weeks. Part of developing these texts was also to begin developing the aesthetic of the material for the exhibition/project. Nearly all of the works in the exhibition have a digital existence…they all exist as files (images, videos, 3D models, renders, etc.) yet, I want their debut, or their primary experience to be physical(ized) and within the gallery. In this spirit I have been experimenting with presenting low-res/blurred versions of the material from the show with the title (/hashtag) for the show as a graphic overlay, or even a kind of censor bar. There is a play on word/concept here, as censor bars are used to obscure “sensitive” material. In this case it is more about a sensitivity that I have about the material (though it also refers to secrecy, nudity, redaction, and so on.)
What is the public face of the show? Something suggestive, something alluring, mysterious, …
It’s also important, to me, to begin establishing the “hashtag-space” of the exhibition and the word “#allegorithms” …


Mixing/preparing the 3D models for printing was simultaneously straightforward and complicated… As I want to push the models to the maximum dimensions of the printer I am getting really long print-times, which makes me somewhat nervous. Most of the print times I’m looking at are approximately 48 hours, more in some cases. These two-day print-times are at the lowest quality (0.2mm) on the Ultimaker 3. I am considering making smaller tests prints at this resolution, (all 3 at one time…whatever size they will all fit at) to see how they turn out. I am also considering diving in head-first.


The GreenScreen Wall patch is coming along well. This recent round was about making it more accurate in regard to chromakeying, and automating more of its functionality. Ideally, by the time it gets to the gallery it is a matter of turning on the equipment computer and clicking one button in the patch… (this still involves the presence of a keyboard and monitor…). I will likely have to write-out some instructions for this.


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