GradCrit Winter18 W8

[I have been sick all week. Apparently around 23 hours ago (@ 9am March 2nd) major news-sources (1, 2) started reporting that this year’s flu season has peaked. I really thought I had dodged it this year; unfortunately that just wasn’t the case.]

This is a picture of the H3N2 influenza virus.
It’s notable, to me, that during my artist-talk in Arizona I opened with a picture comparing AI adversarial patterns to the human rhinovirus, or common cold. The image on the left is the human rhinovirus in 8-bit color-space, and the image on the left is a patterning used to confuse AI image-recognition. This kind of parallel or even synchronicity is really fascinating to me. On the one hand, that these two antagonistic visualizations resemble one another. & On the other hand that my use of this image pair would become a reality after really presenting it and using it as some kind of analogy for my art practice.
That said, being sick almost immediately after returning from a trip has been very disorienting. So, here, I’d like to try to (re)assess where I am in regard to the multiple components of my thesis exhibition.

#Allegorithms (artist statement / press release)
I have to write a press-release and artist statement for the exhibition. I would like to get this to Naropa about a month out from the exhibition. Dateline has talked about getting someone more professional to also draft a press release, for the exhibition there. We actually discussed the possibility of Sophie Morris from Gildar Gallery taking care of this, which would be really interesting, next-level for sure.
I’m really thinking of this in terms of a holistic statement or a work-specific statement, based on feedback from Professor Coleman. The question here is one of people making the meta-connection, or  figuring out how each work relates to a broader theme. I think this is a matter of starting to write, and figuring out which one makes most sense, or is most clear, or perhaps most mysterious.
In this is also a question of how much to establish a “look” for the exhibition: a font, a color-scheme, etc. I feel like the stylized exhibition-title #Allegorithms already goes a long way in this direction, and it may be more appropriate to just have a bold sans-serif font to give that neologism gravity, presence, and clarity.


GreenScreen Wall
I need to construct this wall. I am looking toward the end of March for this. I am engineering this wall to be adjustable and also portable. One side will be painted chroma key green, the other side will be painted white.
One of the most important next-steps is to run a demo of this (for the final project for this class) to get a sense of distances and heights of camera, wall, etc. very pragmatic concerns. Then it will be a matter of playing with these measurements in the 3D models I’ve made of  the exhibition spaces.
There is still a question of exactly what content will show as the “background” for the GreenScreen Wall. I would like it to be enough material that it is difficult for people to see the entire thing (always, wanting to present more than can be digested by the audience).

Chimeras (3D models/prints/sculptures)
I have all the material for these (PLA and PVA). I plan to move forward on these next week. I’ve downloaded Cura, for the Ultimaker 3 Extended. My plan is to try to do two prints per week. This gives me plenty of time to take care of issues before the exhibition. It also provides the opportunity to print a small edition.

Constellations (prints/panels)
There are a couple more modifications for me to make to these, I think. As Professor Coleman pointed out, it is kind of weird for me to concretize these, with so much time before the exhibition. There is a fluidity and a flow in my process and in my practice…that is very important, critical even. Part of the idea with the vinyl is that it has a substantial materiality… that it could have another layer on top of it: paper taped to it, or fabric over it that is lifted, etc.

Bootleg Mothlight 2 (performance-lecture)
I am really excited to get into this performance-lecture after working on the presentation(s) for Arizona. I think I can really take this to the next-level now. I want to find a way of focusing on a multi-centric paradigm.
Other themes include: moths, appropriation & remediation, glaciers, data, dust, sand/snow, sequels, composition / formalism, blurring, resolution, granularity, memory, evolution, hunger/desire, tragedy, future, light/dark, crying, storms, hyperobjects, kaiju/monsters, geomagnetic reversal, binary, data written in Earth,
I am looking to keep this presentation at around nine-minutes…with more “punch”.

“companion” (web-pages)
I intend to have at least one “companion” page for each of the panels and the sculptures. Many of them will have at least two, including a text page, that scrolls through “keywords” / “hashtags”.
I plan to begin laying these out and establishing the structure of the links soon.
I continue to work on the language and form(at) for the labels;

“For bonus content enter the URL below
in your smartphone web-browser:



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