GradCrit Winter18 W6

the title of the show is #Allegorithms, combining the terms ‘allegory’ and ‘algorithm’. I was surprised to find that this is unclaimed hashtag-space.
It describes very accurately what the show is doing; taking what could be considered “archetypal” themes, and via algorithmic systems and relationships transforming their meaning into something that is simultaneously more subjective and more universal.

This week I made a 3D model of the exhibition space at Naropa University (The White Cube Gallery). It gives the show a lot of space to breath. The themes of some of the pieces take on a very different tone when placed within the context of Naropa as a Buddhist-inspired university. I can’t say how grateful I am to Naropa for their generosity. Their help is really keeping my whole schedule on-track.


Underground Weather”: 1968 —> 2068, an Algorithmic Speculative Fiction has remained a central focus for me, a lot of time and energy going into it… it has a stable form now. At this point it is a matter of composition/sequencing, and improvements. I simultaneously really adore it and question my worth as a human-being and artist because of it…lol.
It has qualities of a manifesto, it is declaratory, meditative, an outcry, and a question.

The other part of my Arizona-adventure will be presenting on my research to the Arizona State University Arts Media + Engineering Student Association (AMESA), kind of like an artist-talk. This has also got me questioning my research a lot, the quality or the validity of it… which also feels so ridiculous… I’ve been taking it so seriously for 3 years now, and it grows from a lifetime of very passionate research and creation.
Going over material for this reminded me of a couple projects that are still “near & dear” to me; 22nd-Century Myth reh. which was made with so much zeal and fervor…and then kind of fell flat…I would really like to find a venue for it…

& Phenomena exh. reh.
Which is a real principal artwork for me at this point, foreshadowing a number of directions that would become central to my future practice. The results hold so much potential(ity). I would love to take them to some next level… as a series of print installations, or dioramas, or…


GreenScreen Wall
continuing to work on the patch for this, and designs for the wall. Engineering it to be adjustable. I have a question about its stability, or keeping the wall surface from warping, but I don’t think I can answer this until I’m constructing it. the screen-size itself looks like it will be 54″ x 72″.

Constellation prints
trying to solidify “constellation” as the way I’m referring to these… a constellation of images, of themes, of ideas.
I’ve been making final modifications to these, and questioning them completely. (LOL)
(ex. with a color background?)


“companion” webpages
I also put a lot of time into the “companion” webpages; collecting material, putting together texts, figuring out formatting, …
(ex. possible material(s) for “Magician”)



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