GradCrit Winter18 W5 part 2 (feedback / reflections and proposal)

Underground Weather (10-minute demo), feedback / reflection:

the primary feedback I got about my demo presentation of Underground Weather was about the audio, which is important, and valuable, but didn’t address the presentation. Unfortunately it seems like because of the audio a lot of the content was missed… in some ways I’m confused about why people would wait until the end to say they couldn’t hear.   more feedback about the content would have been very helpful. There was some indication of what could be addressed more fully, or more directly. Also, there was some response to the visuals, that the collages were good, were engrossing.
I’ve already started to work with modifying my voice as a means of making it more audible as well as more cohesive with the other sounds. I’ve also been considering how to make the soundtrack more varied, and have started to produce material toward this end.
I will also say here that working on the 10-minute demo for presentation in class helped me to reconsider and clarify some of the composition / sequential decisions in the full version, which was very helpful and insightful for me.
I also realize that my desire for a lot to be happening at once, for simultaneity, for complexity, needs to find a way of interfacing with the audience’s ability to synthesize and comprehend the (often) complicated or intricate / hermetic (etc.) ideas and concepts I’m presenting.


my proposal for the second-half of the quarter is to continue producing work for my thesis exhibition. These projects for Arizona will soon be complete, and I will be able to focus more exclusively on production for my thesis.
To address the various components:


Chimera 3D models:
The actual modeling of this trio (RoseClaw, DeathDog, SphinxHeart), is complete. Now it is a matter of getting them printed. I have ordered PLA and PVA (which I’m glad to see is water-soluble). I’m excited for the new dual-extruder 3D printer and the potentials for a much better final object it provides.

GreenScreen Wall:
I’ve started to really figure out the engineering for the GreenScreen Wall. A major part of its engineering is adjustable height, this design will also make it more transportable.

GreenScreen video:
admittedly at this point I am not completely sure of the video for the GreenScreen Wall. The primary idea is a sequence of the b-sides and unused material from the constellations and other research for this project generally. I have been considering using some of the footage from the Analog Human Algorithms demo. I have also been considering some kind of compilation of relevant videos.

“companion” websites:
I recently got very excited about these “companion” web-sites again. They are meant to provide some other perspective, maybe like the anima/animus, they refer to other potentialities, other sides, unrealized potentials, something more intimate. They suggest greater intimacy because people will view them on their phones. There will be small labels next to the other artworks with links (and simple instructions). Upon visiting the link people will have this other screen, in their hand, at an oblique/obtuse angle to the artwork, some aspect of the artwork will be right next to it, these dual planes in dialogue, in proximity.
The complete list of companion web-sites will also provide an alternate viewing of the exhibition. A kind of expansion of the exhibition, the artwork moves beyond itself.
One of the main ideas for these companion web-sites is a list of the keywords involved in the exhibition. (I am also still considering a programmable sign for this as well.)

I thought I was all set to have all of these printed, when I began to (re) consider whether or not some of them should have a background color (ex. red for Digestive System). So this feels like or seems to be the final decision… then a very important component of the exhibition will be fully realized.

Bootleg Mothlight 2

AKA “the performance lecture” I still have not addressed this presentation much beyond gathering more material for it.
I have also been considering whether or not to livestream the performance lecture. One major consideration in this regard is that I don’t think I have much of an audience for something I would livestream. That said, I know that many of the people who will be at the opening/performance do have substantial potential for a livestreaming audience. So, the idea becomes to petition/request/kindly ask that everyone there use whatever social-media platform they prefer to livestream the performance. This appeal could be made at the beginning of the performance (with a few plants pre-arranged to livestream). It is also possible to download Instagram livestreams, so I would be able to gather these and have a unique multi-centered form of documentation.

I recognize that I still have a lot of the small things to do… like putting together a statement specifically about #Allegorithms, and making a flier, and inviting people to the event. (It has been suggested (behooved) to me by Professor Mehran that I would invite faculty from CU-Boulder, to the event at Naropa, which carries with it the implicit direction to invite faculty from Denver universities to the event at Dateline. This is simultaneously very exciting and adds another layer of pressure for me.)

I remain confident in my ability to make all of this happen in good time.
All the same, please wish me luck.
















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