GradCrit Winter18 W5

The saga continues…
When I was first “brainstorming” names for my thesis exhibition I considered “#Epics” as a title. In some ways the journey toward it takes on that quality, full of obstacles, interesting characters entering from unexpected directions, “magical helpers”, and so on.

I confronted the scheduling crisis from Dateline head-on this week. I put out a call for help or “all points bulletin” at the beginning of the week. Within days I had heard from my alma mater, Naropa University. Initially they offered me a week in the middle of March. This would have been fin, but also would have pushed my production schedule ahead considerably, adding a lot of pressure to an already intense situation. Thanks to advocacy on the part of former professors, they changed the offer to April 21-28. Which is a more ideal date. Right now it looks like the opening will happen April 27th.
There is an important lesson in this about reputation. It was my former professors campaigning for me and asking the gallery manager to give me what I asked for if possible that got me the dates that I want. They only did this because of the kind of student I was as an undergrad at Naropa; always reliable, producing quality work, acting respectfully to all involved, working hard, etc. They are even talking about recording video of the show for the front page of the web-site, and putting me/the exhibition in whatever alumni publication. They want me to be an example of what you can do after you graduate from Naropa (with a BA in visual art). This is tricky for me because I don’t think that I am representative of the normal Naropa student. I work really hard, I’m intensely driven and motivated and ambitious…beyond all that, I don’t feel like I’ve achieved what I want to. Come visit me again when I have tenure or something, you know?  That said, I am incredibly grateful for Naropa’s help and this opportunity. They have made the situation very workable, they have shown great generosity of possibility and spirit.
So, I will start to make a 3D model of the exhibition space, called The White Cube Gallery because it is 23’x23′ (but not 23′ tall). I’m interested in how the work will fit into and inhabit this space.

I’m also excited to see the work in two different exhibition spaces, as I will still have the show at Dateline in May (May 20th – June 10th, 2018).
I was initially planning to approach the show at Naropa as a kind of “beta” version of the exhibition at Dateline. At the suggestion and even challenge of professor Mehran, I have changed this approach. Instead I am relating to it as a complete, full, realization of the show, with Dateline as another iteration. She pointed toward the opportunity to make something as good as possible, and the fact that it would live on not only for myself, as an exhibition, but also in the records of EDP. This perspective and context made a subtle and distinct difference in my relationship to both exhibitions.


News/developments for different components:

3D models (chimeras);
I’ve continued working the 3D models… my Meshmixer skills and understanding of 3D modeling have definitely improved substantially. I “mixed” the last of the trio of 3D models this week, and it went very smoothly. I have a much better sense of the workflow and best order of operations. On this note; I also ordered some PLA filament for printing the models. I’m looking forward to getting to know the new ultimaker 3D printer, and realizing these models.




Underground Weather:
Underground Weather is becoming quite the robust work. This has been a major point of focus for me for the last month, and will surely to continue to be until I perform in in Arizona (in 2 weeks!). The intro makes more sense. It now opens with a “Prologue:”, like all great sci-fi stories. It remains ‘meta-‘ in its overall tone, also, it has taken on qualities of a manifesto, a manifesto with deep critical theoretical roots.
It is also predictive, or suggestive, it comments on itself, on speculative thinking, on posthuman perspectives. It asks what happens when we take the analogies we use to talk about intersubjectivity and posthumanity seriously, what if they were not analogies/metaphor, what if they were real, what if the world took on those shapes? Hybridization, mixing, mutation, merging and synthesis, subjective realities (not just reality) and intersubjectivity. Multi-centered being has also become a core theme, not just in Underground Weather but in my research / praxis overall. Ideas about intersubjectivity become reality, this acts as an analogy in our present moment, and as a reality in 2068.
inter / multi / trans / post / meta

I am still trying to figure out what to present after the intro for class…


Analog Human Algorithm (AHA):
After talking to the directors of the conference it seems like AHA might not actually work in the format of the conference. The other demos in the conference arranged so that multiple people can participate simultaneously, so that everyone can “do” the demo in a smaller time window (@ 20 minutes) whereas AHA requires at least five minutes for each participant. This is fine with me, as it frees up more time/space/energy for me to enjoy and just be at the conference.

Instead I will likely expand the scope of Underground Weather.


GreenScreen Wall:
I’ve started drawing up designs for the GreenScreen Wall, I’m not sure if it will be helpful to make 3D models of it as well. Right now I am trying to engineer adjustable height. This design would also make the wall much more portable. I’m planning to start construct the wall at the beginning of March. Luckily, I have a friend with solid wood-working skills and equipment.



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