GradCrit Winter18 W4

More focused work on fewer projects this week…

I’ve continued trying to work with/through the delayed scheduling coming from Dateline. The date that I was finally offered/given from Dateline would postpone my graduation until Summer quarter, which is not ideal…at all, for a multitude of reasons.
My idea/approach now is to arrange a provisional and high-quality “dress rehearsal” at another space, in order to graduate on time, and then still have the show at Dateline in May (May 20th – June 10th, 2018). Right now the most promising possibility is at the White Cube Gallery at Naropa University (my alma mater!).

So I’ve been continuing to modify my model of the exhibition space, the form(at) of which is becoming more clear. [image above]


News/developments for different components:

constellations” / banners (39wX30h.); I received my two test prints for these a few days ago (shipped all the way from India. Lol). I have yet to photograph them at all. They turned out really good. I’m really pleased with the print-quality, the differences in resolution of the original images are obvious, the ink coverage is nice, the colors are true enough. I was concerned about being able to see the texture/”grain” of the vinyl, but it looks good, kind of like canvas actually.
I think I will order all 9 from the same vendor. I will likely do so this week.


3D models (chimeras);
I’ve continued to work with the 3D models… I think that my Meshmixer skills and understanding of 3D modeling have taken a substantial leap, next-level. I worked a lot with “bridge” in the last week. The next phase of this is to 3D-print them…





Underground Weather:
“Underground Weather” is starting to take real shape. I’ve established an intro, that takes the form of a “Prologue:” and I’ve started to figure out the beginning of the narrative. It has become more ‘meta-‘ in its overall tone, commenting on itself, commenting on speculative thinking, commenting on posthuman perspectives. It is primarily about hybridization and a mixing of phylums. It suggests or makes the provocation that this is happening because of anthropocene substances mutating the various elements of reality. It also claims that perhaps the melting of the polar ice caps and rising sea-level is also to blame. It turns out that one of the ice caps is/was fact and the other fiction, and that as they’ve melted these two extremes of a dialectic have mixed and amalgamated, causing everything else in the world to also hybridize. Ideas about intersubjectivity become reality, this acts as an analogy in our present moment, and as a reality in 2068.
Next week I will rehearse the first seven minutes or so in class for feedback/critique/responses. This will allow me to present the introduction and get a sense of how successfully I am establishing the context and making sense of this speculative fiction, making sure it is comprehensible. I continue to figure out what the tone, character, and so on are as I am developing the project, it reveals itself to me.



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