Week #9 + #10 + #11, (Project 5) Mid to Late May 2016

Project title: Not Yet Titled (mARTian ARTifact)

Artist Statement / Project description:

Not Yet Titled (mARTian ARTifact) creates an artifact from the future as it is discovered and investigated by a culture (art historian? anthropologist / archaeologist?) even further in the future. Not Yet Titled (mARTian ARTifact) deepens an engagement with speculative project development as a means of exploring broader cultural discourses as well as my own art practice.

Inevitably the development of the aesthetic for this project will involve looking at the current vision of the future, while also looking at how that image may be understood by the future, even as it is degrading.

The “artifact” will take the form of a video, approximately song-length. A text introduction/prologue will help to set the context for the rest of the video.

Text-to-speech narration will further guide the viewer through the imagery of the video. The narrator will speak with modified vocals/accent to communicate a transplanetary and futuristic person.

The aesthetic of the video will explore speculative-fiction aesthetics and spatialization of the video-plane through actual space imagery. This will include a futuristic font, imagery of Mars and Moon, terraforming, Lunar and Martian colonies, etc. Further, the artifact quality of the artwork will be communicated, in part, through “datamoshing” and “glitch” as a representation of digital deterioriation. “Symbolic” digital collages pulling from archival documentation of the artists work as well as their personal image collection will help to depict (fictional) future artworks.




Multiple layers of information at once

Lip-Reading / Lip-Synch

AVSR (Audio Visual Speech Recognition)

Deep Learning [found Macbook]



Terraforming /

Inhabitants of future planets

Accents (English spoken in very strong accent, Chinese?)

modified text-to-speech

Some kind of revolution/conflict between Earth and Moon

Earth = Terran

Moon = Selenite


Aesthetics of “the future”

The aesthetic of contemporary technology swiftly approaches recent imagery of the future

Anthropology / Archaeology

distortion of meaning during anthropology

Future-artifact / Artifact from the future

Our future becomes the past of a further future

degradation/deterioration of a digital (audio/video) artifact in the future

communicated with datamoshing / glitch

Lunar Exhibition

Tate Moon, 2048

as NTP retrospective titled “New Works”

record of “New Works” is discovered by Martian Colonists

Future NTP artworks

Clones (run amok, create havok and bedlam)

Meteor” made of old artworks, crashes into Earth

in the shape of a self-portrait statue

Architectural space made of sound; sub-bass, from planet-core

AI creating work

[they wonder where this AI is now]

Neural Network

Dark Side of the Moon

as a way of referencing rock&roll (these other influences)


flock of robotic birds


falcon introduced into flock


Museum on Mars

Schiaparelli Museum,

after the designer,

and her uncle who is a famous astronomer



Additional thoughts: [additional writing located here: https://ntpgrcr.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/week-9-11-writing/ ]



The Moon Arts Project



How do we Terraform the Moon?


Why Mars Died, and Earth Lived







How to use Youtube’s Auto Caption feature



Adding subtitles in Final Cut Pro X


Is “Picture in Picture” Dead?







Speculative Everything



Mark Leckey –









Process images/media & Sketches:

mARTian_ARTifact (clones) still mARTian_ARTifact (clones) still02 mARTian_ARTifact (comet) still mARTian_ARTifact (neural network) still mARTian_ARTifact (neural network) still02 mARTian_ARTifact (sub bass room) still

mARTian_ARTifact (murmuration - metor) still02 mARTian_ARTifact (murmuration - neural network) still02 mARTian_ARTifact (murmuration) still02 mARTian_ARTifact (sub bass room - neural network) still02



Documentation: of final version (follow specs from syllabus)

mARTian-ARTifact stills artifact3mARTian-ARTifact stills artifact2mARTian-ARTifact stills artifact1

mARTian-ARTifact stills neural networkmARTian-ARTifact stills O))) sub-bass roommARTian-ARTifact stills DSotMmARTian-ARTifact stills meteor self-portraitmARTian-ARTifact stills clonesmARTian-ARTifact stills murmuration



I can see that the work is formally flat, I am very aware of the screen, and often my engagement with it reflects this. I am interested in and excited to experiment with deepening the screen space.

I can also see that the aesthetic of the initial process images does not communicate the futuristic nature of the idea/concept. Again, I am excited to apply myself to cultivating a more “futuristic” aesthetic for this project.

My initial ideas for this project were loose; I had a general direction I want to work in, and a handful of symbols/ideas/seeds to inform this, but the idea was not resolved. Another round of research and being able to really reflect on the project has completely changed the nature of what I will be doing.

I would have liked to have made a logo or something for the Mars museum…based on Schiaparelli, the designer.


External feedback: [italics indicate my responses to feedback received]

feels very retro-speculative

in 1950, imagining this is happening in 2048,

How to shift this forward?

more precedent for artwork on the Moon

Lunar exhibition as retrospective

flattened surface / space

potentially having the understanding / utopian vision of where we thought we would be,

where we assumed we would be

surreal & kind of philosophical tone

in-between last two projects, combination

Mars and Moon have been considered and contemplated as amazing entities throughout time

reverence and disregard

Mars as threatening (god of war), mythic

Why Did Mars Die and Earth Live?”

SETI, as one example of a greater scope of things to inform this

Tate in Space


Pioneer plaque

why do humans leave Earth?

how to address this in video? → text/narrator introduction, then text disappears, but it has helped orient the viewer within the world of the artwork

both new critical look at these subjects, and at the same time referring to art practice,

looking historically at Moon/Mars

“modern” ideas about, mythological, + + +

futuristic font [ 2048 ]

+effects as important ways of dramatically shifting the aesthetic of the project

Sketchup space composed with video, images, text, etc.



Project proposal (PDF)


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